Need to Monitor Your Warehouse or Store Room?

Finally a system that's truly plug-n-play.
Get notifications and is simple and easy to use

- without manually downloading the data
- without worrying to fit new batteries
- without needing to install software on office computers

Discover the latest Remote Monitoring System.
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System Features

- View real-time readings via online and mobile.
- No Wi-Fi signal needed. Sensors can communicate from anywhere.
- Sensors can communicate with hub - up to 100m range.
- Hub can connect up to 100 sensors.
- Customized notifications and alerts - unlimited user notifications.
- Automatic notification to our maintenance team when sensors require servicing.
- Offers improved safety and security by allowing you to control how your process responds to an unfavorable event
- The system can be installed on delivery vehicles
- Plus much more... Contact us today

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Choose What You Want to Monitor

* Humidity
* Temperature
* Airflow
* Vibration
* Electrical usage (voltage)
* Open/Closed
* Light meter
* Plus over 30 other sensor types... Contact us for a full range of sensors available


Determine Alerts & Notifications

When do you want to receive an alarm? And who should know about it? Of course, you may need to change alarms and notifications at a later stage.
It's simple and easy on our system. Contact us today.

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Here are some of the sensors you can apply to your monitoring