International shipments to us

International Shipments to us:
If you are shipping equipment to Calibrate@pjb for calibration from outside South Africa, please read this carefully.

  1.  Unless your shipment is sent as a “repair and return”, Calibrate@pjb will not accept responsibility to clear a shipment that gets stuck at SA Customs;
  2. Calibrate@pjb must only be listed as the delivery address . Calibrate@pjb is in no way responsible for any courier/shipping costs. And Calibrate@pjb will not accept any shipment if Calibrate@pjb is shown as anything else other than the “receiver”
  3. You must arrange to have your shipment cleared at SA Customs. Calibrate@pjb will not supply any import/export code to clear an international shipment.

Please check with your local courier and make sure they are aware of the abovementioned requirements.


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